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A few example-photos from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Ras al Khaiman. Missing are Ajman, Al Ain, And Fujairah. Together, these emirates form the United arab emirates with its administration residing in Abu Dhabi.

The artificial and disneyfied version of an arab souq with the backdrop of Burj Al Arab in Dubai

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, seen from a yet almost undeveloped neighborhood.


You have probably heard of Ski-Dubai. Gigantic use of electricity in order to produce snow and cool down the facility to mountainous temperatures all just to allow people to ski in the desert.

View on Sharjah’s skyline from Dubai. This emirate sits just north of Dubai and in fact feels like it already belongs to Dubai.

Good times for crane-producers in a new and chic neighborhood of marina island in Abu Dhabi

20120913-111511.jpgPictured above you can see the Sun-Tower and the Sky-Tower. Also on marina Island

A serene evening scene in the northernmost emirate of Ras Al Khaiman.

This weekend I have very little time to write, as it is the last day of Ramadan today and everybody is busy preparing for Eid, that starts tomorrow. As I mentioned in my earlier post, people slaughter a lot of animals, buy new furniture, get new haircuts and so on. I began this day, watching the sun to quickly rise over the gulf. As I cannot write a lot now, I will share my experiences afterwards.

While driving home last time, I had to take a photo of an old american school bus. Here it is useless for children, due to not being equipped with an air-condition. Yet it is sufficient to drive around construction workers that will not have A/C at their work place, and thus would only get used to it. This brings up the topic of the public transportation system, that I will cover in one of my next posts.

Doha bei Nacht

Dohas Skyline bei Nacht. Blick von der Uferpromenade aus aufgenommen. Im Vordergrund liegt ein Dhow genanntes traditionelles qatarisches Boot. Man kann es mieten und bei musikalischer Untermalung durch die Bucht gondeln. Manche Menschen rauchen dabei gerne Shisha oder trinken Tee. Die qataris, die etwas von sich halten und die qatarischen Traditionen wertschätzen, besitzen hingegen eine eigene Dhow. Diese werden dann für Angeltouren, zum Baden und für Übernachtungen auf dem Wasser genutzt.

// English

Doha`s Skyline  with a view from the Corniche. You can see one of the traditional boats of qatar. They are called dhow and can be rented in this case. Many qataris own one themselves and love to take it out to the sea to fish, swim and even stay overnight. Due to the heat in summer, this is more common in winter, but a few friends of mine go during these days despite the steamy heat.

Eine der zahlreichen Leckereien nach dem Abendgebet, die gereicht werden wenn die Familie meiner qatarischen Freunde noch zusammen sitzt und über den Tag und die persönlichen Dinge spricht und Tee oder arabischen (grünen) Kaffee trinkt. Die Datteln stammen aus einer der größten Oasen Saudi Arabiens und haben unbeschreiblich gut geschmeckt.

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When the evening prayer is finished, my qatari friends sit with their brothers (plus friends like me and others) and enjoy both sweets and sweet tea and arabic coffee (not just because they use arabica beans, but because it is green infused with spices lie green cardamom and almost transparent in the glass). Fortunately they are somewhat healh-concscious and love dates, which are also described as one of the important parts of Ramadan by their Prophet. In this case the dates tasted indescribably tasty. Even though dates usually might not look all that appealing, any patisseur would have to come up with his very best creation to get even close to dates like this taste-wise.



Doha gestern und heute.

Die Veränderung der Skyline Dohas innerhalb weniger Jahre.

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