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The entrance to Musfur Sinkhole appears to be rather small.

But with each step down, it widens and reveals its true size.

The ground is scattered with Rocks from the ceiling and very fine sand.

This is probably the prime spot for bouldering in all of Qatar.

Thus most of the time there are a few motivated climbers around.

The temperature inside is comfortable and soothing.
Very different from the desert climate outside

Only with a reference point you can grasp the cave’s real dimensions

Being outside again and seeing signs of civilization feels surreal after a couple of hours underground.

This natural phenomenon is not secret but to many people in Qatar it is not really known. Hence it is a safe bet if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Doha. Unfortunately though, some people started to abuse the walls to apply graffiti. In the case of the so called camel-kiss, a funny and tricky boulder route, it seems funny, but altogether this ruins the unique and pristine appearance of the cave. I ask myself again, how can Qatar raise awareness for its environment? In a country that has only a few dozens of extraordinary natural sites, there is no satisfying explanation to why they are not protected and treated with consideration.

People will always want to leave the city with its countless amenities to see something wild. After having lost a few local species to extinction, like the sand gazelle and the golden jackal, Qatar would do good to at least protect the remaining natural sites.

How to get to Musfur Sinkhole Qatar

Recently a group of people started a project to make unique and authentic offbeat places in Qatar available to the public. It is called offbeat Qatar. Musfur Sinkhole is also featured there. They talk about what to see and what to do there, best way to Musfur Sinkhole and the best time to go. Go and have a look here.

A full day kept me busy, but unable to talk about any of my cultural observations. I do want to share the photos of a great natural wonder of Qatar though. It is a cave that is also a sinkhole in the middle of the desert. Perfect for bouldering and perfect to enjoy a lovely 22 degrees without any air condition. You have I share it with a multitude of animals. From birds to bugs and even foxes. I hereby declare it a «must see», when you come to Qatar .







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