This time I will treat my english reading audience to an all english post. I will add the german version soon.

This morning I went to Sea-line Beach in the south-east of Qatar. To watch the Perseids meteor-shower, a rare lineup of venus, the crescent moon and Jupiter and finally the sunrise. The experience was memorable. Not only was it the very first time, that I was able to breathe fresh, crisp air and not sweat, while being outside. It was also the first time, that I managed to go somewhere dark, to specifically watch shooting stars. We arrived just before dawn and thus the sky lit up quickly and replaced one spectacle just by another. The strong sun, that was fighting some fog and only appeared a little bit above the horizon. Since I cared more to enjoy the scenery, I didn’t bother to set up a proper camera, in order to get the moon and planets on photo.

I can frankly say, that the location is one of the most beautiful landscapes that has both desert and sea and in fact to my knowledge it is one of the only two places worldwide, where the desert sand-dunes actually reach into the open sea. Namibia is the other one.
Even more so was I shocked when I saw that certain spots of the dunes were heavily polluted by trash and charcoal. Some people seem to not appreciate this natural beauty that can be spoiled quickly if they continue to leave their rubbish just on the ground. It is tempting to believe, that the wind will eventually bury the trash just like in a landfill. The truth is that it will only reappear a while later a little further down the beach. What I specifically hated were the broken glass bottles that render a walk in the soft sand with bare feet a treacherous affair.